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dock going out to calm lake life

Lake Life Quotes: 101 Captions and Inspiring Sayings

There’s something about a lake that soothes the soul. If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake – or even visit one – you know its addictive beauty.

Lake lovers are always searching for a perfect quote to capture the unique experience of lake living. Whether it’s for an Instagram caption, t-shirt saying, coffee mug or lake home decor, we all love lake life quotations.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some lake life quotes and images you’ll love.

There’s something for everyone, so let’s get to it!

Lake Life Instagram Quotes and Captions

If you’re looking for the perfect TikTok quotes or Instagram captions to go with your amazing lake days, keep reading. Here are some lake life Instagram quotes and captions that will make your Instagram page stand out:

Lake Life Quote: "So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake." ~ Edgar Allen Poe

  • A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.  ~  Henry David Thoreau
  • A little tranquil lake is more significant to my life than any big city in the world  ~  Munia Khan
  • A poem needs understanding through the senses. The point of diving in a lake, is not immediately to swim to the shore, but to be in the lake; to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out, it is an experience beyond thought. Poetry soothes and emboldens the soul to accept mystery.  ~  John Keats
  • Even a pebble cast in the middle of a lake creates ripples that eventually reaches the shore.  ~  Jeffrey G Duarte
  • Lake Michigan’s definitely moody. It’s not just bi-polar, but beyond schizophrenic. Its dozens of surrounding lakes and waterways never know what to expect on a day to day basis. She is awesome at calm and awesome at dangerous.  ~  Yasmina Haque
  • But the great fact in life, the always possible escape from dullness, was the lake. The sun rose out of it, the day began there; it was like an open door that nobody could shut. The land and all its dreariness could never close in on you. You had only to look at the lake, and you knew you would soon be free.  ~  Will Cather
  • Despite all the silver of Diana and Mercury, their images will be found on the lake. For the sculptor looking for new clay, he and his people will be flooded with gold.  ~  Nostradamus
  • Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more that what we could learn from books.  ~  John Lubbock
  • If there are ripples on the surface of a lake, we cannot see the depth. Similarly unless the mind is restful, we cannot experience the harmony and union within us.  ~  Sri Ravi Shankar
  • I grew up with the smell of the lake and the feeling of the woods.  ~  Steven Tyler
Lake Life Quote: "Even a pebble cast in the middle of a lake creates ripples that eventually reaches the shore." ~ Jeffrey G Duarte
  • When you sit tranquilly, you set a great example to the people who rush around in panic and thus you show the crazy waves the beauty of being a calm lake!  ~  Mehmet Murat ildan
  • I prefer lakes, streams, and ponds to the sea. My people left the oceans for a reason and have since preferred their salt from shakers rather than brine.  ~  Thomm Quackenbush
  • The water. The lake. It flows through our veins, and there’s nothing we can do about it… It’s like venom.  ~  Karen Katchur
  • Take the broken pieces of your life, bake a master cake out of it. Don’t stand still like a lake; keep flowing like a stream!  ~  Israelmore Ayivor
  • The lake of my mind, unbroken by oars, heaves placidly and soon sinks into an oily somnolence. That will be useful.  ~  Virginia Woolf
  • When you’re working on a lake and it’s dark and cold out and you can’t see what’s underwater, it is freaking scary!  ~  Jessica Szohr
  • There’s only one way to tackle life, enjoy a day at the beach, and jump into a Great Lake: Headfirst!  ~  Viola Shipman
  • The truth is, I can never die. For I will be in everything and see you in everything and watch over you. I am your reaction in the water of a mountain lake.  ~  Klaus Kinski
  • Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean.  ~  Percy Ross
  • When the fishbowl gets too small, it’s time to pack up and leave and jump into the lake or ocean.  ~  Travie McCoy
  • Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams – they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do – they all contain truths.  ~  Muhammad Ali
  • The sky loves lakes rather than oceans because it finds the opportunity to watch itself in the crystal clear mirrors of the lakes!  ~  Mehmet Murat ildan
  • Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.  ~  John Muir
  • I loved watching the base of those thunderstorms, the billowing tops of the cumulonimbus, the lightning that effortlessly lit up the lake and the sky. It was gorgeous, so energetic. I was in love.  ~  Ginger Zee
Lake Life Quote: "Make your heart like a lake, with calm, still surface, and great depths of kindness." ~ Lao Tzu

Simple Lake Life Quotes

Sometimes all you need are some simple yet profound quotes to capture the joy and peace found in the lake. Here are some short lake quotes to remind you of the beauty and serenity of a lakeside getaway:

When a lake’s doubt is shown as ripples, sunshine rays are flown to the hills.  ~  Ankush AgarwalNot every lake dreams to be an ocean. Blessed are the ones who are happy with whom they are.  ~  Mehmet Murat ildan
I believe that water is the closest thing to a god we have here on Earth.  ~  Alex Z. MooresA lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.  ~  William Wordsworth
This lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty.  ~  Percy Bysshe ShelleyPerhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.  ~  Wallace Stevens
Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air’s salubrity.  ~  Ralph Waldo EmersonMake your heart like a lake, with calm, still surface, and great depths of kindness.  ~  Lao Tzu
So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake.  ~  Edgar Allen PoeEvery year my feet touch its murky water, my soul feels cleaner.  ~  Thomm Quackenbush
When the mind is silent like a lake the lotus blossoms.  ~  Amit RayThe lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world.  ~  Georges Simenon
In the hearts captivated by innocence, the eternal peace of a quiet lake is experienced!  ~  Mehmet Murat ildanThe lake’s deep…and dark…and dangerous.  ~  Mary Downing Hahn
When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you.  ~  Isaiah 43:2Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.  ~  Munia Khan

It’s Time to Shop for your Lake Vacation!

Lake Life Quote: "When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you. ~ Isaiah 43:2

Funny Lake Life Quotes

Looking for some funny quotes and sayings about lake life? These are fun for wooden signs, ball caps, mugs, hoodies, t-shirts or wherever your creativity takes you. Here are some of the best lake sayings we’ve gathered that you can use right now:

  • A Bad Buoy Lives Here with His Nauti Girl
  • A Fisherman Lives Here With the Catch of His Life
  • A Reel Expert Can Handle Anything
  • At the Lake, Every Hour is Happy Hour
  • Beer Always Tastes Better at the Lake
  • Bite Me ( fish hook)
  • Boat Bum
  • But Did We Sink?
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  • Cocktails Taste Better at the Lake
  • Decks, Docks & Flip Flops
  • Feelin’ Nauti
  • Fishing Rules: 1) Bait your own hook; 2) Clean your own fish; 3) Tell your own lies; 4) Bring your own beer
  • Fishing Takes a Reel Expert
  • Gone Fishing: Catch You Later
  • Good Things Come to Those Who Bait
  • Heaven is a Little Closer at Home by the Lake
  • I like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie
  • I Love You to the Lake and Back
  • I’d Rather Be Fishing
  • I’m a Reel Catch
  • I’m Sorry for What I Said When We Were Docking the Boat
  • It’s All About The Lake
  • Just Another Beer Drinker With A Fishing Problem
  • Keeping it Reel
  • Lake Hair, Don’t Care
  • Lake It Easy
  • Lake It Till You Make It
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  • Lake Junkie
  • Lake Life Floats My Boat
  • Lake Life: Cuz Beaches Be Salty
  • Lake Life: Just Add Water
  • Lake Life: Unsalted & Shark Free
  • Lake Lovin’ Mama
  • Lake Rules: Watch the sunrise; Relax and unwind; Go fishing; Read a good book; Laugh; Sleep in; Swim, soak & play; Sit by the fire; Make memories
  • Lakeside S’More Shop: Relax and Get Toasted
  • Lakin’ It Easy
  • Let’s Get Nauti
  • Life is Better at the Lake
  • Life is Better in Flip Flops
  • Living on Lake Time
  • Lovin’ This Lake Life
  • Memories Are Made at the Lake
But Most Important
Lake House Sign

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  • No Wake Zone (pillow)
  • Of All the Paths You Take, Choose Some that Lead to Lakes
  • On Lake Time
  • Put your feet up, take a break. Sit back, relax, you’re at the lake.
  • Relax – You’re At the Lake
  • Sandy Toes, Sunburned Nose
  • Stay Anchored
  • Sun and Fun: Let’s All Go Jump in the Lake
  • Support Your Local Hookers (fish hooks)
  • Take Me To The Lake
  • Tall Trees and a Lake Breeze: That’s All I Need
  • The Lake is Calling and I Must Go
  • The Lake is My Happy Place
  • Time Wasted at the Lake is Time Well Spent
  • Today’s Good Mood is Brought to You by the Lake
Your Happy Place
Happy Place Fish Decor

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  • We Are Lake People
  • Weekend Forecast: Fishing with a Chance of Drinking
  • Welcome To Our Lake Bar: Proudly Serving Whatever You Bring
  • Welcome to the Lake House
  • What Happens at the Lake, Is Laughed About All Year
  • What Happens at the Lake, Stays at the Lake
  • Whatever Floats Your Boat
  • Work Like a Captain; Play Like a Pirate
  • Worry Less – Paddle More

Final Thoughts

Life can be busy, hectic and chaotic. The lake is like a reset button that brings us back to ourselves.

Enjoy these inspiring, beautiful and sometimes funny quotes as you wrap up your time at the lake and look forward to your next lake adventure.

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