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We’re Randy and Dee. In 2018 we ditched the city and returned to smalltown Wisconsin.
Join us as we share homestyle living in a woods & water paradise.

Randy and Dana
Randy Dana Dee Kuznar

Hey! We’re Randy and Dee – residential developer and content creator. We’ve been building and setting up homes since 1998.

Our latest adventure is a woods & water lifestyle in a smalltown lake community. Follow along as we establish our small lake home and explore the best of Birchwood, WI and beyond!

  • Get first-hand experience with lake country living.
  • Follow our local events calendar and celebrate like a local.
  • Check out our local guides for where to go and what to do.

Our Journey: Discovering Small-Town Lake Life

Welcome! We’re Randy and Dee, and we’re thrilled you found our blog. Our story is a bit of an adventure: In 2018, we left the city behind for peaceful lake life in Birchwood, WI.

Before moving to Birchwood, Randy was a residential contractor in the Twin Cities, MN area for decades. Now he develops and sells private, wooded lots in the Red Cedar Lake area.

Dee is a writer and online content creator who also has an awesome day gig with AdventureKEEN, the nation’s top publisher of outdoor nature guides.

Together, we’re building our lake life and exploring everything our new small-town area has to offer.

Moving here wasn’t just a change of scenery for us; it was about creating a new way of life. On our blog, you’ll find real stories about building and living in a small lake home. Think practical stuff like maximizing space, lake home decor, and how to keep things cozy and low-key.

Outdoor living is a big part of life here, too. So expect tales of boating, backyard BBQs, and enjoying nature – from trees, to turtles, to trails.

We’re discovering the amazing community of Birchwood, WI and the surrounding area from about an hour’s drive. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a ripple! Welcome aboard!

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One of the first things we noticed when moving here is the community vibe. We keep an updated calendar of local events on the blog – great for anyone visiting for the day, sticking around for a bit, or for cabin owners who pop in now and then.

Cheer at Hayward’s Birkebeiner. Shop at the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival. From the Bluegill Festival to Rice Lake Aquafest – catch the events and celebrate like a local!

Come Join Us

We started this blog as a way to share our journey. It’s turned into this wonderful gathering place for folks who love the laid-back lake life as much as we do. We invite you to tag along with our stories, pick up some handy tips, and maybe get a little inspiration for your own adventures.

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