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Sometimes when we recommend a product, we’ll use a referral link (or “affiliate link”) to connect you to the vendor’s website.

If you then purchase something by using one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission from the vendor as an appreciation for our referral.

VERY IMPORTANT: Affiliate links are absolutely no extra cost to you! You pay the same price whether using an affiliate link or not.

If the vendor’s site is having a sale, you’ll get that, too. Matter of fact, if we learn of the sale, we’ll make sure we tell you about it.

How much do we make? Most commissions will buy us a coffee – some a little bit more. It depends on the product and the vendor. If you sign up for an ongoing subscription, we might make a small commission whenever it renews.

Please know that we only recommend products that we’ve either used personally or researched very carefully and are confident you will love.

We will never recommend a product we don’t believe in just to make a couple dollars. Our reputation means too much to us – and so do you!