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Valentines Day Gift Basket.

23 Thoughtful Valentines Day Gift Basket Ideas

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of love; it’s a chance to show the special people in your life just how much they mean to you. 

Creating a Valentines Day gift basket is a fun and unique way to do that!

Unlike some other gifts, a basket can be personalized to the lifestyle and interests of your Valentine. It’s the perfect way to show you care.

In this guide, we’ll share dozens of creative and thoughtful Valentine’s Day basket ideas that will make your Valentines feel cherished.

What Can Go in a Valentine’s Basket

Almost anything can go into a Valentine’s basket. The gifts should be thoughtful, specific to your Valentine and either meaningful or useful.

Great gift baskets go beyond the popular “big three” – flowers, chocolates and jewelry. (Although they’re popular for a reason: they’re amazing! 🙂 )

Just pack your gift basket with thoughtfully chosen items, and you’re golden.

Edible Treats

For the sweet tooth in your life, any one of these delicious goodies would make a perfect gift. (Just typing this makes my mouth water!)

  • Homemade cookies: Nothing says love like a batch of freshly baked cookies. Heart-shaped cookies would be ideal, but chocolate chip and peanut butter are well loved favorites. The perfect choice for Valentines Day!
  • Fine chocolates: Decadent chocolates like a chocolate truffle gift box would be a sure hit.
  • Exotic teas and coffees: A special variety pack to savor on a cozy February 14 morning.

Sentimental Items

These touches can make your basket especially meaningful:

  • Personalized notes: Share your feelings with thoughtful words you might not often say.
  • Custom jewelry: A piece that signifies something only the two of you understand. Etsy is a great place to find truly special jewelry. I just gifted these tiny silver hoop earrings to my sister, and she loved them.
  • Photo albums: Fill it with special memories of your times together. Scribble thoughts and memories in the margins!

Fun and Quirky Additions

Love isn’t always serious business. Get close to your Valentine by sharing a good laugh!

  • Novelty items: A quirky keepsake that reflects an inside joke. (You know the one I’m talking about, right?)
  • Fun games: Laughter and good times are always the perfect gift.
  • Unique small gadgets: For the tech-lover who likes innovation and cutting edge. 
CGE Czech Games Edition Codenames Boardgame
  • Work together to contact all of your agents before the other team
  • A perfect party game experience for game nights
  • 2-8+ player (in two teams)
  • 15 minutes playtime

How Do You Make a Romantic Gift Basket?

Understand Their Interests

Tailoring the basket to your partner’s likes and hobbies shows real thoughtfulness. Are they a budding chef, a lake lover, or maybe an avid reader? Your basket can reflect their passions.

Show that you took the time to really “see” them and create their gift basket accordingly. Now THAT is special.

Choose a Theme

A themed Valentine’s Day basket is a fun and simple way to choose gift basket items. Consider these romantic themes:

  • “A Night at the Movies”: Include classic films, gourmet popcorn, and theater-style candies. Fun and romance, all together!
  • “Spa Day”: A spa gift basket filled with bath bombs, scented candles, and soothing music. Mmmm…!
  • “Gourmet Delight”: Tuck in some gourmet food items for a taste of luxury. You can often find these in the cheese and deli section at your local grocery store.
Couple on couch wearing 3D glasses, watching scary movie and eating popcorn.

Personalize Your Basket

The most memorable gifts are those with a personal touch:

  • A handwritten letter: Share your thoughts and feelings in your own handwriting. This will become a priceless keepsake, I promise.
  • A special photo: Choose a frame to hold a photo of a special time together.
  • A custom-made item: Anything handmade by you, like a knitted scarf or a painted canvas. (See Section 6 below for DIY ideas!)
Americanflat Picture Frame (Multiple Sizes and Colors)
  • Design: Charcoal Black distressed 5×7 frame, perfect for your cherished memories; comes with hanging hardware for hassle-free display in both horizontal and vertical formats to hang flat against the wall; includes easel stands for tabletop display.
  • Material: Textured engineered wood frame with a shatter resistant glass front that gives a clear view of your photo; the wood on the face of the frame is hand painted to give it a rustic feel.
  • Quality: Durable, rustic frame; the frame’s front has shatter resistant glass and a sturdy backboard to keep the photo in place.
  • Use and Display: Perfect for displaying 5×7 inch pictures. This rustic frame can be hung in horizontal or vertical formats.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Her

Gift-giving is an art, for sure. When it comes to the women in your life, here are some basket ideas that are sure to check all the boxes:

L'BRI aloe skin care products.
  • Warm & Cozy: A soft throw blanket, a favorite novel, and some gourmet hot chocolate. And then watch the kids for a day so she can indulge. (BTW, babysitting itself is a GREAT gift!)
  • Skin Care: A basket brimming with the best aloe skin care she’s (probably) not using. Full Disclosure: I’m an Independent L’BRI Consultant. I’ve got something for every budget, age and skin type. Email me and I’ll set you up. 
  • Crafting: Fill a basket with crafting supplies, beading kits, or a DIY project she’s been eyeing.
  • Chocolate Lover: A selection of the most decadent chocolates and creamy hot cocoa mix to indulge her sweet tooth.
  • Wine Lover: Choose a fine wine, pair it with elegant glasses, and add cheese and crackers for a sophisticated touch.
  • Knitting/Crocheting: A thoughtful collection of yarns, needles, patterns, and maybe even a magazine subscription for the needlecraft of their choice.
  • Stationery: Curate a basket of high-quality pens, notecards, postage stamps and a beautiful address book for the writer who loves to keep in touch.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him

When it comes to the men in your life, use these suggestions for all kinds of hobbies and interests:

13422 1088789
  • Fishingr: A basket filled with new lures, fishing line, and a fishing magazine subscription. Honestly – anything from Scheel’s would be a perfect fit. (Have you SEEN that store? Just wow.)
  • Grilling: A set complete with premium spices, grilling tools, and a BBQ cookbook for the reigning grill master.
  • Car Enthusiast: Combine car care products, a model car kit, and a car magazine subscription for the motorhead in your life.
  • Nature Lover: Inspire outdoor adventures with binoculars, a nature guidebook, and a national park or trail pass.
  • Video Gaming: Pack the latest game, themed snacks, and a gaming accessory for hours of fun.
  • Gardening: Seeds, gloves, and gardening tools nestled in a planter or wheelbarrow.
  • Book Lover: Include a best-selling novel, a leather bookmark, and a gift card to a local bookstore for the avid reader.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Friends or Family Members

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; it’s a day to love on good friends and special people in your life:

  • Musician: Combine sheet music, new instrument strings or reeds, and a personalized playlist.
  • Christian: A thoughtful basket with a journal, devotional book, and inspirational music.
  • Game Night: A mix of board games, snacks, and a puzzle for an entertaining evening.
  • Sugar Free/Keto: Cater to their dietary preferences with a basket of yummy sugar-free or keto-friendly treats.
  • Puzzle Lover: Gift them with a book of word puzzles, logic puzzles and challenging hand puzzles.
  • Birder: A bird-watching book, seeds, and a small bird feeder for the nature enthusiast.
  • Pet Owner: Show love for their furry companion with treats, toys, and grooming tools.
  • Movie Night: Recreate the cinema experience at home with classic films, gourmet popcorn, and theater-style candies.

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Basket Ideas

Great gifts don’t need to be expensive. The thought put into budget-friendly gifts often makes them the favorites.

DIY Gifts

  • Handmade crafts: Your time and effort are priceless. These Valentines Day gifts are usually the ones appreciated the most.
  • Baked goods: Home-cooked treats are always savored and appreciated!
  • Homemade personal care products: DIY health and personal care products made by you. My niece Erica once gifted all the ladies with a handcrafted salt scrub she made from Epsom salts, essential oils and coconut oil. It was one of the best gifts I received that year. And how thoughtful!

Thoughtful Gestures

  • Coupons for favors: Offer your time and help with redeemable coupons. Seriously – if Randy would offer to clean the litter box for a month, he’d be covered for gift-giving the rest of the year. (Shhh! Don’t tell him.)
  • Collection of love notes: A series of messages for them to open over time. Maybe it’s memories of special times together. Or each message could be another reason you love them. 
  • Handmade scrapbook: Compile memories into a book that they’ll treasure forever. This involves some creativity and patience – but maybe that’s your thing! Definitely a labor of love. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that you procrastinated on buying a Valentines gift, here are few ideas to still look like a hero.

Easy-to-Find Items 

  • Grocery store finds: Chocolates, wines, or specialty items that don’t require pre-ordering. Most full-service grocery stores also sell flower bouquets. Score!
  • Local bakery treats: Freshly baked treats add a personal and local touch. Spring for something decadent and a little unusual to make it special.
  • Ready-made spa products: Pop into a local salon, where you can pick up luxury pampering gifts right over the counter.

Online and Delivery Options

  • Quick delivery: Many online stores offer next-day or same-day delivery. Order up some delicious chocolates and have them delivered with an adorable plush bear. What could be a more romantic Valentine’s Day gift?
  • Digital gifts: Subscriptions and memberships, like magazine subscriptions or Audible book subscription, are easy to order at the last minute. And they’re awesome gifts for the reader in your life.
  • Ready-Made Gift Baskets: When you’re down to the wire, creativity can wait. Here are some best-selling gift baskets that are ready to go:
Bonnie & Pop Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket
  • AN INDULGENT SELECTION OF OUR 15 BEST SELLING CHOCOLATES: Gift baskets arrive with more than a pound of assorted milk, dark and white truffles. Flavors include: Milk Butter Pecan Patties, Cashew Clusters, Pretzel Clouds, Pecan Snappers, Sea Salt Caramels, English Toffee, Peppermint Patties, Bavarian Pretzels, Double Silk Truffles, Coconut Haystacks, and Peanut Clusters.
Broadway Basketeers Sweets & Chocolate Gift Basket
398 Reviews
Broadway Basketeers Sweets & Chocolate Gift Basket
  • GOURMET GIFT BASKETS: Send joy anywhere with individually wrapped sweets and snacks handcrafted for your recipient. Beautifully packaged, this gift basket is perfect for congratulations, appreciation, thank you, birthday, retirement, or engagement.
Madelaine Chocolate Roses Bouquet
  • Luscious Milk Chocolate: Using the finest cocoa bean selection and fresh milk to create premium American-made, Swiss-formulated chocolate, each mouthwatering Madelaine Solid Premium Milk Chocolate Rose snaps when you bite into it and melts in your mouth.
Omaha Steaks Deluxe Gift Package
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 4 Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignons (5 oz.), 4 PureGround Filet Mignon Burgers (6 oz.), 4 Gourmet Jumbo Franks (3 oz.), 4 Potatoes au Gratin (2.8 oz.), 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets (4 oz.), and 1 jar Omaha Steaks Seasoning (3 oz.)

Wrapping Things Up

Pinterest pin for 23 Valentines Gift Basket Ideas.

So there you have it! And with the above inspiration, it’s time to start planning the perfect Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Don’t forget to share your own creative ideas in the comments section below. 

Whether it’s your unique take on a cozy night in or a gourmet feast, we’d love to hear how you’re making Valentine’s Day special. Your thoughtful gift is sure to make February 14th a special day!

Because the key to a memorable Valentine’s Day gift is the thoughtfulness behind it.

So spread the love with a gift basket that speaks from the heart. Whether it’s for your partner or someone else special, show your Valentine wishes through a basket filled with affection, warmth – and a sprinkle of creativity.

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