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New Blog? Relax! Your Blog Niche Can Wait

Have you been fretting over how to pick just the right niche for your new blog? Well, before I write a single word, I want to say, “Relax. Your blog niche can wait.”

Let me explain.

Last night I went down a rabbit hole of doubt, worry and second guessing my new blog.

Everything had been chugging along just fine. After a decade of hopping from one new blog to another, my current website was really getting traction.

Why? I had finally committed to treating my blog like a business. I had:

  • set specific writing goals;
  • optimized posts with good images, keywords and SEO structure;
  • implemented a social media plan and
  • started connecting to my first blogging community ever.

And guess what? At about the 20-article mark, my blog stats kicked right in!

My Pinterest feed became shockingly active. I suddenly had hundreds of users finding my website. A few of my blog posts reached the front page of Google, and I even made a couple of Amazon sales!

Seriously. I’ve been having the time of my life just writing. Writing and getting seen!

And pinching myself that following the successful blogging “formula” actually works. Who knew!

And then? And then last night.

Why You Should Put On Creative Blinders When First Starting Your Blog

So as I said, I’ve plugged into a few great blogging groups on Facebook (see them here, here and here). And I’ve been introduced to some really fantastic websites.

Once of these is from the smart and friendly John M. over at Business and Life Tips.

So I’m reading one of John’s articles about common mistakes that bloggers make. And one of the big mistakes is failing to choose a blog niche.

That is, writing content that’s too broad to attract a specific audience or interested advertisers.

As an example, there might be a crazy blogger (ahem) who first writes about a cool horse racing board game. And then shares a recipe for 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies. And then turns around and writes about 19 business ideas to start in a small town.

That kind of thing.

So I’m reading about common mistakes that bloggers make, and one of them is failure to choose a blog niche. That is, writing content that’s too broad to attract a loyal audience or advertisers.

Of course, tons of readers recognized themselves in these blog mistakes – especially in the reminder to niche down. And the comments went on forever.

Over and over, I was convicted of my overly broad, all-encompassing website topics. Especially from the guy who cringed over websites that covered everything from pets to SEO.

My happy little bubble popped. The article I’d been writing went unfinished. And I went to bed deflated and discouraged.

Was my entire blog setup a mistake?

What’s the Big Deal About Choosing a Niche Anyway?

We’re all familiar with the blog advice: “You need to niche down.” But just what is a blog niche, anyway?

Blog niche can wait 1

Although the word is thrown around a lot, a blog niche is just a central topic that a blogger focuses on when creating content. Basically, everything on her website should somehow relate to that topic.

It makes sense, really. A website is kind of like reading a book on a particular subject.

By choosing a specific niche, bloggers can narrow down their audience and create more relevant content for them.

For example, let’s say your blog niche is “horses.” You know you’ll be writing about horses to people interested in horses. You’ll always have specific, relevant horsey content on your blog – and lots of it.

In this way, a niche blogger like you could become the go-to person in the “horse” community. You could attract a loyal following of readers who know, like and trust you.

And search engines like Google and Bing would show your site in search results, because your site would have tons of info when people search for horse topics.

Finally, advertisers love niche-driven blogs because they can easily target ads to readers who are more likely to buy.

The Most Profitable Blog Niches for 2023

So which blog niches are the best for making money? There are an endless number of niches that are profitable. Some timeless ones are lifestyle, health and wellness, travel, technology, food, and fashion.

Other less common niches include music, art, sports, automotive, and finance.

And each of these niches can be broken down into smaller (or “micro”) niches. A micro-niche is like a sub-category of a larger niche. So, within the music niche (which is really broad), you might focus on jazz music. Or classic guitar. Or the best music for high school bands.

These niches are tried and true, and they offer a huge range of ways for bloggers to monetize their websites.

Making Money with Niche Blogging

Niche bloggers make money by targeting readers in their niche and then offering products or services the reader wants. Our classic guitar readers above might like sheet music, guitar strings, concert tickets or even a new guitar!

If built correctly, niche blogs can generate some very nice income. Blogging can be just a small side hustle – some extra cash to help pay the bills – or thousands of dollars that can replace full-time job salaries completely.

The reason is that this kind of blog creates a “warm” audience that is open to buying what a blogger offers.

Of course, being a “lifestyle” blogger (as I claim to be), my niche is broad. It covers, well, basically anything having to do with lifestyle. Using the “website as a book” analogy, I’d say a lifestyle blog is more like a magazine: A wide range of categories, with a common vibe.

(This is common for Influencer-type blogs or “Mommy” blogs.)

And I’ve taken full advantage of it.

Blogger choosing blog niche

The Magic of Sleeping on a Problem

So continuing my story from above…

My website and my confidence were clipping right along. And then it all came to a screeching halt.

My confidence was shaken when I read the article impressing the need for focused blog content. I had already known that mine was getting out of hand.

Like many blogs, it had started as one idea and then slowly morphed onto a different path. Not only was my central theme different then when it began, I’d added several categories and a bunch of sub-categories.

And yet I was really proud of what I’d produced, and my blog was taking off. I LOVED the things I was writing about.

Writers are advised to “kill their darlings.” Meaning, submit your beloved work to vicious pruning to make it better.

But my blog feels good to me. I have no darlings I’m willing to kill – at least, not at this point.

I went to bed, slept on it, and woke up with my answer.

And here’s what I decided.

The Blog Niche Can Wait

As beginning bloggers, we should always consider advice from those who’ve had blogging success. There’s an art and science to online ventures. We’ve learned what works and what’s just a hard sell.

At the same time, “art” requires the time and space to be creative. Blogging can be highly personal. We all come to blogging with different skill levels and for different reasons.

Our blogging paths aren’t all the same.

Can having a focus can help you create content and build an audience? Should it be a best practice? For sure. And I’ll get there – as will you.

But meanwhile, I need to give myself grace to figure it out. I need to be authentic, while keeping my eye on important “best practices” and using them when I can.

But not the niche thing. Not yet.

Because when just starting out, it’s not always necessary (or even possible) to choose a specific niche. Here’s why:

When you’re a new blogger, you may need to find your voice before you can settle into a niche.

When starting out as a new blogger, it can be tempting to force a specific niche in order to build an audience right away. But it’s important to remember that finding your voice and developing your writing style should be your priority.

Your blog niche, your way

By experimenting with different topics and styles of writing, you’ll be able to find what you’re truly passionate about and what feels authentic to write about.

This process takes time and shouldn’t be rushed.

Choosing a niche too early can also stifle your creativity and make it harder to come up with fresh ideas for content. Nobody likes to write in a box!

It’s important to have the freedom to explore different topics and angles – especially when you’re just starting out.

Of course, having a niche will help you build a following. It’ll also help you establish some authority in your particular area.

But this shouldn’t be the sole focus in the beginning stages of your blogging journey.

Taking the time to find your voice and develop your writing style will lead to a stronger and more authentic blog in the long run.

So don’t rush into choosing a blog niche – let your passion and creativity guide you.

Organically discovering what works for you is part of the fun.

One of the best things about blogging is that it’s a process of discovery. You never know what topics are going to take off or what writing style will fit naturally.

Embrace the journey and enjoy trying new things!

How Do I Change My Blog Niche if I Already Have Content?

For a new blogger, it’s natural to worry about choosing the perfect niche for your blog.

But what if you’ve already started blogging? What if you’ve realized that your current niche isn’t where you want to be?

It may feel like a setback, but don’t worry – changing your niche is not the end of the world.

Blog website content

First, it’s important to remember that a blog can evolve over time. It happens to everyone. Interests and passions may change, and that’s perfectly normal.

It’s also possible that your readers may enjoy seeing a different side of you. So changing your niche doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. You can build on your existing content, gradually shifting your focus towards your new niche.

But before you make any drastic changes, take some time to think about why your current niche isn’t working for you.

Is it because you don’t care enough about the topic? Are you struggling to come up with fresh content ideas? Or have you simply found a new interest? Identifying the root cause will help you decide the best way forward.

Once you’ve decided to change your blog niche, it’s important to tell your readers. Let them know why you’ve made the decision and what they can expect from your blog going forward.

Be transparent and honest; your readers will appreciate it. Hey – they already know, like and trust you, right?

When it comes to rebranding your blog, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, choose a new niche that you’re truly passionate about. This energy will show in your brand and help you create better content. It’ll also keep you motivated for the long term.
  • Second, consider updating your blog’s design to reflect your new focus. This will help your readers make the switch and get excited about your new ideas.
  • Third, be aware of any old links or pages that will need to be redirected. Neither readers nor search engines like dead ends. Many SEO plugins include a redirection feature (RankMath is one of them), and there are also plugins specifically made for that purpose.

Seriously, changing your blog niche isn’t the end of the world. With a little planning and communication, you can pivot your blog towards a new focus without too much fuss.

Remember to stay true to yourself and your passions, and your readers will likely follow suit.

Final Thoughts

As a beginning blogger, don’t be pressured into thinking you need to choose a niche right away. You can take some time to explore your interests and find what type of blog feels natural to write and resonates with you.

Is choosing a blog niche important? If you want followers, traffic and blogging income – absolutely. 100% yes.

But give yourself time to work it out.

Is choosing a blog niche important? If you want followers, traffic and blogging income – absolutely. 100% yes.

Meanwhile, write quality content with good SEO and find a rhythm that keeps you consistent. Network with bloggers, find your audience and repeat till you learn the business.

Relax and have fun. Finding your blog niche can wait.

Because one day you may suddenly realize that when you weren’t looking, your blog niche found you.

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