About Us

Hi! We’re Randy and Dana, and we live in the beautiful Birchwood, Wisconsin area that we call the Northwoods Oasis.

Randy & Dana

Before moving to Birchwood, Randy was a residential contractor for decades. Now he develops and sells private, wooded lots in the Red Cedar Lake area. Dana is a writer and blogger who also has an awesome day gig with AdventureKEEN, the nation’s top publisher of outdoor nature guides.

We grew up not far from here but set off for adventure right out of school. We spent most of our adult years far from Wisconsin – including Minnesota, Washington State and even New Mexico.

But by 2018, we were done exploring – and the lake was calling!

We downsized, simplified and headed back home.

It’s now several years since we moved back here, and we love it more every day. Birchwood – and all the surrounding communities – is a clean “modern Mayberry” filled with friendly, hard-working people who love to have fun.

It’s Vacation Land, inviting visitors to share the trails, the woodlands and the clear, freshwater lakes.

So welcome to the Northwoods Oasis. We’re building a small home, vacation lifestyle and sharing it with you here.

Stay awhile! And y’all come back soon.